USThing Extension
Embracing Digital Resources for Livability

USThing Extension

USThing Extension

USThing Extension

The extension of USThing services towards a Smart Campus will continue to engage and educate students, ensure students’ safety and reduce operating costs.

SDG Goal 09 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

What is the problem this project is trying to address?

The project will eliminate the paper work, administrative work and operating costs for physical student cards application, maintenance and provision for students services such as enquiries and academic advising. It also provides a centralized platform to consolidate different existing IT services and tools useful for the campus community and realizes ideas and visions from our students and offices.

How does this project support our sustainable smart campus as a living lab vision?

The project allows students to experiment with new technologies, trends, and ideas to foster a creative environment that encourages collaboration and entrepreneurship. It provides linkages between different technologies and IT and physical services being offered by the University. It helps build a strong and stable community that grows together as the USThing platform and its services undergo continuous developments, updates and enhancements.

What's next?

The extension of USThing services will include

1. Electronic version of student card that allows students’ easy access to sports facilities and library services, taking attendance at events or exams and serves as security devices for access to student halls.

2. A chatbot using machine learning technology that answers students’ enquiries or gives academic advices.

3. Collaborations with other project teams such as Pulse and Whereami, where USThing serves as a centralized platform for consolidating different IT services and tools useful for the campus community.