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Food for thought: What we can do to make the world a more sustainable place

By 2020, HKUST has successfully wrapped up its first 5-year Sustainability Master Plan with significant progress made in reducing waste and energy consumption.

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- 7.9 %

Electricity (kWh)

- 50.2 %

Trash (ton)

- 28 %

Greenhouse gas (ton CO2-e)

+ 687 %

Recyclables (ton)

+ 9,176 %

Food waste recycling (ton)

HKUST launched the Sustainable Smart Campus as a Living Lab initiative in 2019, with the aim of empowering university members to devise and demonstrate innovations on campus as a testing ground for wider application in the future.

HK$ 50 M

Funding allocated for this initiative


Number of funded projects


Number of co-funded projects

500 +

Students involved

200 +

Faculty involved