SmART Sounds
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SmART Sounds

SmART Sounds

SmART Sounds

As an artistic and micro-therapeutic extension of SmART Steps, our proposed SmART Sounds project seeks to introduce acoustic interventions in select areas of the campus to:
- Complement artwork in SmART Steps stairwells.
- Introduce sounds from nature proven to reduce stress hormones.
- Create a sense of anticipation for experiencing spaces with acoustic interventions.
- Facilitate faculty-student-staff collaboration in designing, installing, and studying the effects of these acoustic interventions.

SDG Goal 03 - Good Health and Well-Being

What is the problem this project is trying to address?

HKUST has a reputation for being a stressful environment in which the physical structure of the main academic buildings with long hallways and (mostly) bleak stairwells does not help. This project aims at creating a greater sense of visceral calm improving one's well-being while studying, working, and living in the otherwise bland white-tiled buildings on campus.

How does this project support our sustainable smart campus as a living lab vision?

The premise of this project is that artistic and acoustic stimulation will enhance the quotidian human experience of studying, working, and living on campus at HKUST which should be an important component of developing a sustainable campus community. The project is “smart” in the sense that it will not require expensive or disruptive reconfiguration of existing infrastructure. Meanwhile, in keeping with the objective of using our campus as a Living Lab, the team will engage students in composing musical patterns/themes and assessing the impact of the project.