The Sustainable Smart Campus initiative has invited HKUST students to challenge their creative minds to come up with innovative and people-centric solutions by integrating technologies and sustainable concepts that can help us improve our campus.

We are proud of the excellent entries in this year’s SSC Student Competition.

Thank you for those who voted for your favorite entries. We are grateful to announce that after consolidating the votes from UST members and SSC Committee members for the top 10 entries in each category, the winning awards go to the following students:


Campus Project Competition


Tam Kai Wai, Kwok Louise Wen Fong


Lee Jiyoung, Joo Sinyoung, Kang Hosung


Lok Chuen Leung Ferdinand, Chan Ching Yee, Chiu Ka Wing, Wong Tsz Hin

Project Divinity: AC Water

RATTANAMANEEJARAT Thananun, Lauren Ng, Sharnasree Datta, Manvi Makkar


Prabhsharan Singh Mamik, Kartik Bathla, Yash Gupta, Ahaan Agrawal

The top five successful group proposals will be provided a budget of up to $25,000 to implement their project on campus during the 2021/22 academic year.

Innovative Solution Competition

Green Corner綠角

Fung Ho Suet Michelle, Cheng Kit Ting Sammi, Schroeder Joyce Dorothea, Lau Tsz Kee


Minjin Gu, Yeongmin Jeong, Jiyeon Son, Taeeun Kim

No PAINT, No Gain

Jiadong Peng 

Phoenix Line

Isabel Galwey, Tilman Leo Hohenberger, Vlasios Koustos, Carmen Elvira REY Redondo 


Woo Jun Seong, Choi Woo Suk, Kang Juwon, Jeon Juho 


The top five most innovative ideas will receive cash awards of $2,000 each.


We hope this is just the beginning! To make this a reality, we’ll need active support. If you are interested in getting involved to further develop one of these project ideas, we’d love to hear from you. Please let us know at If you are a faculty member, please consider creating a UROP or USEL or take an idea for a class project. If you are a staff, consider becoming a student mentor to help them move the project forward. If you are a fellow student, please volunteer to join a project team. Together we can make this a cutting edge, Sustainable, Smart Campus!

Campus Project Competition
Innovative Solution Competition